1. Reading makes a full man. Students should develop the habit of reading books systematically and thoughtfully.

2. No  talking  is  permitted  in  the  library  except  on business with the librarian. This also should be done in a low voice.

3. Students may borrow one book at a time for a period up  to  one  week  from  the  library. Any  book  not required by another person may be re-issued for a further week.

4. Reference books, magazines, news papers etc. are available for reference in the library only. They are not to be taken home.

5. Books, periodicals, magazines, etc. should be treated with care, both in and out of the library. No writing, ink blots, torn pages, marks and lines in books, are tolerated.

6. Books are issued on the understanding that they are only to be read by persons to whom they are issued and are not given to others whether of school or to outsiders.

7. Any student who breaks the above rules will have to pay a fine or cost of the lost and damaged books.

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