The Key Role of Value Education

The famous educationist Adams in his book, “Evolution of Educational Theory” gives the concept of education as a ‘Bipolar Process’ which means, “One’s personality act upon another in order to modify the development of other.” In simple language to say that every teacher tries to modify the behaviour of his students and aims at his development. Behaviour is dealt by psychology and development by education. Both the branches come to the ultimate aim of desirable changes in behaviour and development. Education play a vibrant role in building human relationship and net work with the society. Education is not mere imparting knowledge but it reveals the supreme knowledge and values to human life.

Value education does not mean only spiritual or religious values. Value education is a set of moral values to live a happy and harmonious life. According to idealist, ‘education should help to cultivate truth, beauty and goodness’. Today the rate of value education has quite diminished in the field of education. Rather it has become commercialized. And also the educant shows negative expression towards the subject. They think that it is a dead philosophy which was lived in ancient time. For them education means something entertaining and giving some type of success in life.

As it is said, “All that flitters is not gold,” similarly all good words we study in books are not pure knowledge or build up morality in the society. Today the world is striving towards destruction in the entire field due to improper education. Value based education is hardly imparted in schools, colleges and universities. The label is placed but in practicality is nil.

Swami Vivekananda whose one hundred fifty years of birth we celebrated recently says, “Only study of books is not education. The education should help one to purify thoughts, speech and deeds.” In order to self discipline and possess all good qualities one needs, value education in his life. Education should foster spiritual faith, devotion and self surrender in the individual and foster full development through service and sacrifice. The claim of Shri Aurobindo Ghosh was that we Indians need an education which develops the power of our mind and soul and achieves our fullest growth. And also we must strive towards such education which can bring physical, mental and spiritual purification of mind. In order to aim at this kind of goal we need value based education in the entire field of education.

By looking at the terrific calamities and injustice spread in the society we feel that we are heading towards destruction. Now the question arises what kind of education are we imparting that leads to destruction? Each and everyone should examine about his life and the knowledge he has. What means can we use in order to impart value education in the minds of youngsters? As Jesus Christ said, “Your eye is the light of the body” in the same way a teacher is the eye and light in the student’ life. If a teacher is good and efficient the student surely will follow the deeds that teacher does. Therefore if the teacher tries to impart value education it becomes possible. Let every teacher guide his/her student to respect every form of human life, discover the goodness in the others, and use the knowledge for the upliftment of human society. In this way we can kindle a light where there is darkness and build a beautiful society full of morality.


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