Parents are requested to send their children to school tidily dressed, wearing the school uniform. If the children fail to wear the uniform, they will not be allowed to enter their class.


  • Girls : Black Trousers, Red Check Shirt, Tie, Black waistcoat, Belt and Black shoes, white socks and black ribbons for the hair.

  • Classes IX-XII : Black Trousers, Red Check Shirt, Tie, Black waistcoat, belt and black shoes and black socks.

  • In Winter : Navy blue blazer and grey sweater must be worn.

  • On Saturdays : All students will come to school in P.T. uniform (white).

Students offering chemistry in classes IX, X, XI, XII will be required to wear white overalls of the approved pattern in the laboratory.

Note :
(i) The clothes worn by the students need not be new, but they must be neat and tidy.

(ii) Proper care must be taken to polish shoes regularly.

(iii) The student may be fined or sent back from school, if found without proper uniform regularly.

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